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    Hi guys, I wanted to share a few items about getting paid as a preferred agent.

    1. If you sale a model, or sale a pre sold we will pay you 4% on the base price of the home, or listed price of model. We don’t pay commission on upgrades, etc.
    2. If you are sitting an open house, and people come in, you must register them to get paid. Obviously the ideal situation is to register them and write a contract in a perfect world so you can get paid 4%. But, in situations where they have an agent, or you spend time with them, and then they go get an agent. We have contingency there where we can compensate you. Anywhere from $500 up to 1% depending on your involvement.
    3. To get compensated, we would like you to follow protocol on a few items. We want a traffic report for everyday. And if you get prospects, please register them. Please click on the “video Training for Preferred agents” forum to see how to submit traffic reports and prospect registrations.

    Post your questions here.

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