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     Rod Blackstead 

    Hi guys, a couple of you have asked me some of the un-written rules and guides that would be good for agents that are new, or that haven’t been around new construction. Here are a few that are very helpful, and that drive Builders crazy when they see agents doing this.

    1. Do not drive or park on the model driveway. The concrete is fresh, and new, and we would like the new homeowner to have a fresh drive way that they can put their own tiremarks on. Ha ha, but yes this drives builders crazy!
    2. Do not step on door threshholds! The door thresholds are usually aluminum, and they bend and pop real easy. And when you step on them, if there is a rock or some sand on your shoes it scratches it up and looks terrible. Please pick your feet up when you walk across a threshold
    3. Don’t use the bathrooms in the house. These bathrooms are to be kept clean for the new homeowner to use. Please don’t use them, use the outside toilets when provided.
    4. Do not lock the garage door! I know, you think you’re helping, But sometimes the garage door is the only access the builder leaves for staff and other contractors. So if you lock the door, we sometimes have to totally reschedule appointments for subs to come back when the house is open to do their jobs.


    Thanks, Jeremy. Those are good things to know. We had no one at the open house yesterday – unfortunately. I do have some other questions for you and would like to set up a time for you and I to meet prior to meeting the three other people from Le Bois that I mentioned. I know this is a very busy week for everyone, but I was wondering if you might have time for a cup of hot chocolate or lunch on Friday of this week – my treat? Give me a call – 863-8478.

    Louise Auchampach

     Rod Blackstead 

    I’m not available this Friday, I can meet tomorrow afternoon, and then next week I’m open.

     Molly McCluskey 

    Jeremy I too would like to find a time to sit down and discuss doing open houses for Blackstead. Please call me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
    Molly McCluskey

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